NORLUX Neuro-Oncology laboratory, represented by Prof Simone Niclou and Dr Anna Golebiewska, was awarded the FNR 2021 Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement


On Thursday 21st of October 2021, the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) hosted the FNR Awards in an annual ceremony that was first introduced in 2009. Awards were presented for different categories, each to recognise the outstanding efforts of researchers and science communicators. Previous FNR Awards for the categories of ‘Research-Driven Innovation’ and ‘Science Publication’ were this year absorbed into the new category ‘Outstanding Scientific Achievement’, to attribute more value to research projects that shape their scientific field instead of zooming in on a single output such as a scientific publication or a marketable product. Prof Simone Niclou and Dr Anna Golebiewksa received the award for research towards a better understanding and personalised treatment of brain cancer using patient avatars.

We are extremely glad that our long term efforts in deriving patient avatars for brain tumor research were recognized by the FNR 2021 Outstanding Scientific Achievement awardWe would like to acknowledge the continuous support of the LIH, Centre Hospitaliee de Luxembourg, FNR, Fandation Cancer, Televie and our collaborators at University of Bergen, LNS and University of Luxembourg.

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