Novel regulators of GBM invasion identified by whole genome RNA interference screen

Invasion and angiogenesis are key characteristics of Glioblastoma and important targets for treatment. GBM cells display vastly different invasion capacities, which can be modeled in vivo and ex vivo. We have characterized the invasion behavior of GBM tumor cells in multiple patient-derived orthotopic xenografts (PODXs) in vivo, patient-derived GBM cell lines in the mouse brain (in vivo), in brain slice cultures (ex vivo) and in Boyden chamber assays (in vitro). Recently, we performed a RNA interference screen and have identified novel candidate genes that play a key role in GBM invasion. Functional validation of the top candidates essential for invasion within the brain are currently performed. Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of GBM invasion may provide opportunities to interfere with tumor cell spread and recurrence.

This project is supported by the Fondation Cancer Luxembourg and the Luxembourg National Research Fund (PRIDE15/10675146/CANBIO).

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