Personalised medicine and pharmacogenomics

Patient-Derived Orthotopic Xenograft (PDOX) models of malignant gliomas have a unique value as clinically relevant drug testing platform, and, because of their complexity, are rarely available in the academic or industry sector. We regularly perform in vivo (mice) and ex vivo (patient-derived tumor organoids) preclinical drug efficacy studies, including precision medicine strategies, in collaboration with academia, international biotech and pharma partners.
Using our patient-derived tumor organoids (PDOs), we have established personalized functional profiling, which enables drug screening in 3D culture conditions, better recapitulating micro-environmental conditions and cell-cell interactions of the tumor tissue. Standardized PDOs permit high-throughput assessment of drug responses, which can be further validated in vivo. We currently further expand our screening models to incorporate human immune system components i.e., human organoid-immune co-culture system and PDOXs in humanized mouse models.

This project is supported by the Luxembourg Institute of Health, the Luxembourg National Research Fund and the Télévie Belgium Luxembourg 
Private partner funding: DelMar Pharmaceuticals, UCB Biopharma, IPSEN Innovations, Rottapharm

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