Rolf Bjerkvig






PhD, Consultant, Group “NORLUX  Neuro-Oncology”

Department of Oncology

+352 26 970 240


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Prof Rolf Bjerkvig is the former director of the Department of Oncology and currently acts as a consultant for LIH. He holds the position of Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Bergen, Norway and is currently interim chairman of the Department of Biomedicine at the same university. His primary interests are the elucidation of the mechanisms of tumour cell migration within the central nervous system and mechanisms of tumour angiogenesis and therapeutic approaches for the prevention of angiogenesis in brain tumours. Prof Bjerkvig has been honoured with numerous national and international awards for his research in oncology, including the King Olav V Cancer Research Prize 2015 received by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway on behalf of the Norwegian Cancer Society.

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