Simone Niclou






PhD, Group leader, Group “NORLUX Neuro-Oncology”

Head of Department of Oncology

+352 26 970


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Trained as a neurobiologist, Dr. Niclou has been engaged in brain tumor research since 2005. She build up and is heading the NORLUX Neuro-Oncology Laboratory within the Department of Oncology at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (, in close collaboration with Prof. Rolf Bjerkvig from the University of Bergen, Norway.

Dr Niclou’s interest is focused on the biology of diffuse gliomas with a special interest in glioma metabolism, tumour heterogeneity and plasticity, angiogenesis and invasion. The lab has established a unique portfolio of patient-based tumor organoids and orthotopic patient-derived xenograft models (PDOX), including IDH mutant gliomas and paired longitudinal samples. Dr Niclou’s key motivation is to generate new insight applicable to clinical translation and patient benefit.

In 2019, Dr. Niclou was appointed Director of the Department of Oncology at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. Since 2014 Dr. Niclou is also adjunct professor at the University of Bergen in Norway. Between 2015-2019 Dr. Niclou served as president of the board of directors of the Laboratoire national de santé, the national diagnostics laboratory in Luxembourg ( She currently serves on the Executive Board of the European Association for Neuro-Oncology (EANO, ) and is associate editor for Neuro-Oncology Advances (NOA, ). She regularly serves on international advisory panels of grant awarding agencies for cancer research throughout Europe and beyond.


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